Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In our letter from Shaleah yesterday, she said that She has been made a trainer.  She is getting her first Greenie.   Here is a portion of her letter. 

 when President came and talked to me. He asked if I had met the new sisters (There was 10 Gringas that had just arrived the night before).  I told him that I had.  He then asked me if I knew what my future was.  I told him that I did not.  He then said 'you are going to be training.'  I had a slight heart-attack   I really did not think that I was going to be training... In response I asked him when the Latina Hermanas would be coming in.  He told me that there was not Latina's coming in this transfer.... and that I would be training a Gringa.  And then promptly left the office because he was on his way to the temple.  My slight heart-attack changed into a real heart-attack   We had a meeting with all the trainers the next day... 9 Latinas and me. After that meeting  we received our companions.
Well I am glad to report that the heartattack was not fatal. Here we are in Orotina!  Hermana Starke and I.  She is 21, from California and is AWESOME.  She didn't know Spanish before the MTC and yet speaks so well!!  

I have truely been so humbled to see the Lords hand every single day.  Every night during planning we talk about all the blessings that we saw in the day, and there are always so many!! Even when we got on the bus ride home we started talking to a family and found out that they are less actives, and live super close to the church!! We have found people in the street that have welcomed us into their homes to teach them, and have accepted return appointments.  And so so much more!
We try to speak spanish as much as possible!! And when we cant figure it our we write it down to figure it out later.  There is no option, we have to learn the language.  Before with Hermana Salgado If I didnt pay attention it was okay because she understood.  Now if I dont understand it, no one understands it.  Its been truely a tender mercy to recieve help from the Lord.  
I love you all so much! I hope that all is going well!
Its going to be a great week :)  I just know it.
Hermana Anderson

Thursday, May 16, 2013