Monday, August 19, 2013

Sisters Conference

Ohhhhh Noah

Mom-    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!  Well, from Costa Rica at least :).

  I do hope that all is going well, and that you are excited for school to start! Or work (for you Allie!)

Well, its been a good week here in Pococi! I am absolutely loving my area!  At first we spent alot of time walking around in circles... but  we are feeling comfortable with directions and what not!
Here are some highlights for the week!

1- We had a Hermana Conference! It was wonderful! The Specialist Hermanas put it together.  We got to hear from president and his wife.  Had some clases with games, learned some study techniques, watched some wonderful talkes, and did YOGA! Overall it was a success.  It was a spiritually uplifing experience, and so much fun to see all the sisters in the mission!

2.  I had my first Member (and dog) present lesson. Haha There is a dog that follows us EVERYWHERE.  We were in guapelis centro the other day... and it was still following.  You should see the strange looks that we get as we Hupe Bueno (knock on doors) with this dog next to us... Ohhhh Noah. (thats his name)

3.  I know I have mentioned it about 1,000 times... but our ward is AWESOME.  We have implemented a program that is - never go alone.  That to church and every activity they bring a neighbor or friend, or less active.  We will see how it goes!

4.  After a wonderful lesson with a less active the other night we left and were picking some mandarins off of their tree...when to my surprise a HUGE SLOTH came walking by.  I am talking size of a medium dog!!! And i didn't have my camera! It made the night THAT much better! It literally was 5 feet away.  Only in Costa Rica

Just a thought as I have been studying Moses 1:39  Gods priorities are His family, which is all of us.  And His happiness comes from loving his family... then that should tell us where our happiness should come from- and where our priorities should be!
I love you guys so much! 

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Anderson

Monday, August 12, 2013


I hope that all is going well for everyone!  Mid August- I cant believe it..   I hope that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks free before the semester starts!
What a week!! Where to start...? Hmm... I guess we will start with.... 
Wednesday in our district meeting they told the Hermanas (us) that only one of us had changes... but they werent going to tell us who until the night time.  and that we had to find a members house for one of the sisters to wait at while the other one went to San Jose.  We really had no idea who was going to get transfered out- but I felt like it was me (and I was right).  I had more time, and I honestly just felt like my time was done in that area- it was a very sad feeling.  That night was extremely hard for me.  We said goodbye to Ingri and her family, who I love so much and some other inverstigators and members that we had appointments with that day.  I never realized that I could love these people so much, and that it would be so hard to leave them.

Hermana Starke and I recieved the news at about 10 oclock that night.   She was staying, I was getting transfered.  Well at first they told me Pocoku, Limon... but really my area is Pococi II, Guapelus.  (it is in the area of zona atlantica, Limon.  sisters arent in limon because it is dangerous) 
We then spent the night, and I mean the whole night packing.  Poor Hermana Starke- bless her heart! I had 6 months there... it was tricky to pack it all up at 1 in the morning. And the next morning we left.  It was so sad to leave Hermana Starke- So grateful for the time that we had together!!  

So here I am! Pococi II.  I am opening this area, and... I am training. 
My companions name is Hermana Tordecilla.  She is wonderful!  She is 23, from Colombia, doesnt know english, and has an amazingly strong testimony and is ready to work and be obediant.  I am so lucky to have her as a companion.

I have really really enjoyed my time here, and it has been but 4 or 5 days.  For me it has been confirmed (as I learned when I went on divisions with the Specialist Hermanas) that every area is very different.  I have been absolutley astounded at the help of the members here.  We were more than welcomed in the ward- and have already gone out with the members.  They are so willing to help, its amazing.  We are in a ward. and the support of the members is wonderful!
Sautrday I also had a WONDERFUL experience.  I had the opportunity to go to the sealing of Marcos and Raquel.  They were menos activos when I first got to Orotina...  It was a wonderful experience.  It was beautiful.
They are an eternal family now.  I really dont think there is anything greater... And I am so incredibly happy for them. 
Also Zillahs wedding in next week, and Oscars baptism.  I wont be there in Orotina.  but I am so happy for them!

Oh and for my favorite language errors this week- 
When I was talking about my dad.  And instead of saying that he was an appraiser- I said... My dad is a little dog.  We got a good laugh out of that one.  Perrito vs Perito.  Can you blame me?
Hermana Anderson

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 5th Orotina

Oro- Tina ( pot of gold)

Hello hello!!
Thank you all for you letters! I love Mondays so much because I get to hear from you guys :)  Well, we have transfers THIS week..... We will see what happens.  Hermana Starks training will end... and I have been here 6 months... I have my ideas of what will happen.  But we'll see! I talked to a sister the other week that was in an area for 7 1-2 months! So...  Until next Monday on that topic!  Stay tuned. 

Here are some fun happenings for the week-
1.  Well the marriage date is set for Zillah and Oscar!!! Whoohoo!!  August 17 at 5:00.  How exciting is that?? And they got their rings last week :) Im so happy for them! The baptism will be directly after the ceremony!
2.  So Hermana Starke and I have wanted pizza for like... weeks.  So one night we got one for dinner... then we had an appointment at a members house after... Guess what? They had pizza for us.  Its just our luck, we never get pizza!  But... even more than that- it was such a wonderful night! They had invited some friends over, and we had brought some members with us.  We ended up having a WONDERFUL lesson about the plan of salvation, specifically what is going to happen after this life.  We were all able to learn and talk together.  And we have a return appointment with the friend :)
3. Noni.... this nasty potato like fruit that drops right and left in the streets of Costa Rica... I still cant figure out why the juice is so stinking expensive in the states.
4.  My testimony has really grown in the fact that we need to have faith in the small things for our testimonies to grow.  We get so many investigators.. and well people in general that want to know all of the detail details... its so important that our testimonies have a foundation... and then we can learn and grow... and place our trust that God loves us and that His plan for us is perfect... and that all will be just and fair in its time.
5.  Wonderful Miricle! I think I might have wrote about this a little last week- But ALL of Ingris children came to church last week- and they enjoyed it.  Well this sunday they were all dressed and ready with the picture they had colored of the missionaries in hands!!  AND on top of that... they all stayed theee whole time! And kiara and Tati went to Young Womens!! And enjoyed it!  They all came to a group night that we had later that sunday- and when Ingri left they asked if they could stay longer... so we walked the girls home.  Such a miricle! It was so hard for Ingri to get to church when None of the children would go.  So happy!
6.  Ingri is one of my heros! She has 5 kids of her own... and pretty much takes care of the other 6 that live in the same house.... Her house consists of dirt floors and a bunk bed... and she is so incredibly happy.  She dedicated her life to serving her children, and is such an example! 
7.  There is a man that lives in San Matteo.... (Hopefully I havnet told you about it)  Every time we walk past his house he comes out knowing that we have to walk back past his house again.  He has a loud preacher voice and always a Bible in hand... His eyes are red... and really dont have another color int he center... when he stretches his fingers they bend backwards... and yet he looked strangely familiar to me...... Hermana Starke nailed it one night when we were laying in bed.... the GRINCH!!!! hahaha he seriously looks like him!  We have lovely adventures with him... It usually consists of some verses in the bible, and him telling us abou the visions that he has had over what neighbors and being unfaithful and the pastors as well....   Ohhh the life we live.
Well between bank lines, and lightning storms we are doing pretty well here.  We are working A TON with the members in my rama (branch) as well as some investigators.  We are really trying to strengthen the branch... so that new ones can come, and be taken care of.  I love the quote by presdient HInkley that just talks about how precious a new converts testimony is.... with out the help of the branch... itcan die.  Coming into the church is like experiencing a whole differnent culture, of which I can relate to a little bit with the short time that I have been here in Costa Rica.  I love you all so much! Thank you for your love support and letters :)

Have a wonderful week!  I am sure you are all counting down to the school days! Enjoy the last little bit of summer :)

Hermana Anderson

Monday, July 29, 2013

P- day at the beach

July 29th 2013

Another week has come and gone! I hope that it was a wonderful one for everyone :).  Thanks for sending me the pictures Dan!I I have always wanted to go to color me mine!  Your guys's stuff looked pretty neat.  And thanks dad for sending me part of your lesson! I really enjoyed reading it, and even printed it out :) 
Well here is some fun facts of the week-
1.  So we worked with Ingri and her family, and Alexandra and her kids a

lot this last week... and Sunday they all came to church!! It was wonderful! And even more than that the kids had such a fun time in primary.  (Which is a miracle because the other times they really didn't like it)  The Lord works in mysterious ways :)
2.  One of my favorite moments last week... we needed to take a bus to San Matteo, and so we strategically planned our visits so that we could end a lesson and then wait for the bus on the side of the road... we got there a little bit early- and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited... and the bus never came.  About 30 minutes later I turned my back to talk to her, as we were making different plans for the day knowing we had somehow missed the bus... and all of the sudden there was just a huge burst of wind.  Yup.  BYE BUSSSS!! We dropped to the ground laughing.
3. Kinda a fun tradition, when you have a birthday here they crack an egg on your head.  When it was my birthday they were kind enough to drain the yoke... We did it to Tati this last week, it was really funny.,... maybe a tradition that Ill bring home.  Other than that would be frightening to have Seth run after me with an egg to hit on my head.. so maybe not ;)
4.  We had a movie night and so many of the members came.  We were all squished in a house, and it was wonderful as we watched the testament! Such a good movie to show the relationship the people of the book of Mormon had with the Savior.  After we played some games together, and over all had a great time.  I really do believe that it is unifying the Rama... which is the GOAL!!! One of the games if you messed up you had to go into the middle and do... just something... I busted out the clogging.  It was pretty great. No one saw that coming.  (HIllary, Riss and Teri-  You would have been proud.  Not quite as spectacular as when I didn't it int he apartment kitchen...)
5.  This week we have also had the opportunity to give some of our investigators blessings.  Which was a really neat experience.  I am so grateful for the priesthood power!
6. Lesson learned- the importance of listening to the spirit.  We had a meeting with a less active... she hasn't been coming to church for a while, but has a strong testimony.  We had a lesson planned for her, but as we talked to her, underlining questions of the plan of salvation came up. Quickly changing our plans we talked about the plan of Salvation, and the plan after this life.. She had forgotten so much!  Something that I had just assumed that she knew... The spirit was so strong.  Just testifying of the truth that she already knew.   I really saw and learned the importance of keeping our studies up, always learning something knew.  Our testimony isn't just going to stay in one place.  It is either going up or going down, maybe we all work our hardest to make sure that day by day it is increasing :)

LOVE YOU ALL  so much :)

I hope that you have a wonderful week
Hermana Anderson

ps.  I sent pictures, so you can see the pday at the beach :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another wonderful letter from Hermana Anderson

Hello family of mine!!
I hope all is going well for you!  Its July! I can hardly believe it. 
Well... so we were with some investigators the other day- and I showed them the family picture that I have.  The one that we took right before I came on my mission.  Hahaha, so my investigator looked at it... and then asked where my mom was?  I pointed to mom, and she said- OH, I thought that was the wife of him (pointing to Seth).  I could not stop laughing!! It was soo funny.  And she thought that Daddy was the grandpa.  We all got a good laugh out of it.  And Danny, if I had a dollar for every tica that asks if you are single I would be wealthy.
We also had a wonderful time at church this Sunday.  It was also really cool to see how the Lord answers our prayers.  My comp and I had fasted that this one family could come to church.  Well, in the morning when we passed by they were sick... We passed by for a different investigator and they were sick.  And then we went to get a less active, and she was still in bed.  So we went to church to wait to see if a couple others that we had invited would show up... Well one did.  His name is Mario (40 years old? Maybe less...).  He was actually baptized when he was 8 or so, but doesn't remember anything.  And the only contact that we had was on a bus, and we gave him conference talks, and we had called and invited him to church on Saturday.  Sacrament meeting started and then we had 2 other less actives that we had invited come, Nefi (He used to be a counselor in the presidency) and Zillah (Actually his sister) and Oscar (We have a marriage date for Zillah and Oscar this month! And the Sunday after his baptism)  Overall the spirit was so strong, and it was the best church I have been to thus far in the mission.    It was really a testimony builder that the Lord is hears and answers our prayers. 
I guess a topic that I have really really been thinking about lately is- What does Christ think about me. 
There is a book that is called, ¨You are special¨.  If you haven't read it yet... go read it right now!! Its so so good.  It is about a town of wooden dolls that are carved by a woodworker named Eli.  Each Wimmick is different, some are pretty- others ugly, some with big eyes and others with big noses.  Some have talents, and others don't.
Each Wimmick has a box of stickers.  Golden Stars and grey dots.  The wooden people went around the village sticking stars or dots on one another.  The pretty or talented ones got stars, and the wimmicks with rough wood or chipped paint got dots. 
Its a story about one of these dolls named Punchinello.  He he always tried his best to do something to get a star... but would always receive dots.  He ended up staying inside, or only associating with those that had dots.  He felt better around them.
One day he met a wimmick named Lucia, and she didn't have any stars or dots.  When he asked her how she didn't have any, she told him to go see the wood worker Eli.
At first he was hesitant... and thought Eli wouldn't want to see him.  But eventually he went. 
When he entered into the Workshop he was surprised that Eli knew his name.  Eli responded with- of coarse I know your name, i made you. 
Punchillo apologized for all of the grey dots that he had... Eli responded Ï don't care what the other wimmicks think, and neither should you.  All that matters is what I think, and I think that you are pretty special.
He then explained that the stickers only stick to you if you let them. He said ¨The more that you trust my love, the less you care about their stickers.¨ Punchillo was a little confused.  Eli told him that it would take time, but he would understand eventually.  And then asked him to come and see him every day to let you remind you how much I care. 
As Punchillo was leaving Eli said- Remember, you are special because I made you. And I don't make mistakes. 
Punchillo kept walking, but in his heart he thought- I think he really means it.

And when he did, a dot fell to the ground. 

I hope that I summarized that story sufficiently.  It really is so beautiful. 

The ultimate source of empowerment and acceptance is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  They know us, they love us.  they know our hearts, our intentions.  If we look to them, we can find more confidence.  Having their acceptance can help us face everything that we have in life.  As we feel His love, our faith will increase, our actions will change, and we will truly find Joy in the Journey.
I'm so very grateful for the knowledge that I am a daughter of God. I can testify that we are all children of our Heavenly Father, and he is there to help us in every moment of need.  Just as Punchillo, we just need to go to Him!
I love you all so much!  Its going to be a wonderful week. 
Hermana Anderson

Friday, June 21, 2013

                                                         June 19th, 2013

Well Hey there!!

I hope that all is going well with everyone!  It makes my week to hear from you guys!
Well, my P day was changed to this Wednesday... because we got to go to the temple!! I feel so blessed- I have had the opportunity to go twice already in my mission.  And I just absolutely love it.  Whether its the South Jordan temple, or the San Jose Costa Rica temple, I just feel so at home.  So blessed to be a member of this church.
Oh, and hey Dad... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!  I hope that you had a wonderful one.  You were defiantly  in my thoughts this last Sunday, I am so grateful for your love and support throughout my life.  I am so incredibly thankful for your example, and all of the life lessons you have taught me.

Here are some fun facts for the week-

1.  I am so grateful that little by little I have become accustom to the strangely large insects and creatures that are in this country.  I first became accustom to the gigantic ants... because they are always hanging around in our apartments. Next lizards, odd beetles, gigantic toads, immortal worms, worms with legs (yeah that was not a fun one when I found that one in my bed... haha) snakes outside of our door (and it had just eaten... wakala!!)  and then.............. last night............ I was just sitting at my desk when out of the corner of my eye I saw something scampering across our floor... low and behold it was a  PICA CABELLO. (for easier terms lets just say a tarantula!!).  I literally about died.  I jumped on top of my wobbly desk and screamed for my companion.  Between a broom stick and some running shoes we ended up victorious.

2.  Hermana Starke and I bought cushions for our chairs.  It was defiantly  the best purchase thus far in the mission.

3.  They put air conditioning in the chapel... ITS SO COLD.  Haha I guess that's life.  Too hot or too cold.  But I believe that everyone is going to be bring jackets from now on :)  

4.  Its amazing to see the Lords hand in this work. A really cool experience this week was that we meet this one lady named Lidseth, through her we met her neighbor Christopher, and his Dad- Warren.  Warren now has 13 days with our smoking or alcohol!!! how wonderful is that.  Coffee is still going strong, but we are working on it.  The hard part is that he works every Sunday...  so we are working on that one.  But through Warren we met Guido.  We gave him a book of Mormon, and didn't see him again for a while.  Then when we visited Warren last week, he told us Guido wanted to talk to us.  He has been reading the book of Mormon, and really likes it!  When we went to visit him the next day, his friend Hernan was there... and he listened to the first lesson with us!! Asking questions the whole way along.  We couldn't even explain what the Book of Mormon was because he was reading it instead of listening to us.  It is my prayer that we can help these investigators progress more... but I am just so grateful for the Lords guidance in this work.

And a quick thought about adversity.  It has been something that my companion and I really have been studying.  It has been really interesting as we have talked to our different investigators about adversity, and what is the purpose. 
Well, to start out with if we know where the adversity in our life comes from, we know how we can cut it out of our lives. 
So to teach it, we put them into 3 different  categories.

1.  Afflictions
This type of adversity comes from our own actions.  We know that every actions has a consequence- and this adversity comes from our own actions.  It stems from our own disobedience and pride.  As we humble ourselves, learn to turn to the Lord and change our actions we can cut this type of afflictions out of our lives.

2.  Heartache
This comes when we are affected by the consequences of others actions.  This type of adversity we do not have much control over.  But if we want to overcome this, we need to turn to the lord for comfort, and he will strengthen us.  We also need to learn to forgive, and we truly can overcome this affliction.

3.  Tests and Tribulations
These are natural consequences of the fall, such as death, natural disasters, sicknesses, the circumstances that we are born into and what not.  These times in our life can strengthen us, as we learn to trust in the Lord, and endure to the end.  As we do the basic- reading, praying and going to church we will have a foundation to overcome this trials.

We also know that God can sent us trials to help us become stronger, and learn how to trust him more- such as job and what not.
Here are some stories that exemplify this - 1 Nephi 9 (? when nephi is on the boat and the storm comes) as well as mosiah 23 (?) The story of Limhis people.  (Sorry my references aren't sure, I'm typing fast!!)
D&C 136 : 31
´just as it would be a demoralizing experience for an untrained individual to attempt to play in an orchestra of skilled musicians- so it  would be painfully punishment to attempt to live in a celestial realm, for which you are not prepared.   -elder Scott
I know that this life is a time to prepare to meet God.  To learn and grow, and become a better person everyday.  All of these are for our benefit.

I know that this gospel is true, I am so grateful to be a missionary!
Love you all!
Hermana Anderson

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter 6/4/13 
So very kind of Dr. Selfridge to take the time to go and visit my daughter.  I wish I could have been with him:):)

How on earth has another week come and gone?  I hope it was a good one for all. 

Well, I totally spaced telling you guys what happen last week, Haha honestly I dont know how, because it was the HIGHLIGHT of my mission.  But this last Sunday, hands down was one of my favorite parts of my mission. (I knew that Doctor selfridge was here in Costa Rica, but my understanding was that he was super far away, in the city.)  So I was sitting in sacrament when I looked out the window and saw him walking toward to church door!! I just teared up and started crying!  It really meant so much to me that he came to visit.  So much.  And on top of that he took the bus to come to Orotina.  Thats a good hour on the bus if you take a direct.  So incredibly thoughtful of him!  I really cant even describe in words how good was to see a familiar face.  It just reminded me of my old job, and all of the people that I love at home!

We are working with some specific families that we just really really want to progress.  We are tentatively planning the wedding for Eric and Alexandra for July 1st.  And there baptism the Sunday after.  But shes still got to give up her coffee, she says she is going too, so we are working on that.  We are also working more and more with the ward.  In relief society we had a lesson on the lost sheep.  And each active member was assigned a less active.  I have such a strong testimony of how important it is to watch out for each other.  I am so very grateful for our church, and support of the members.

Not too much has been happening, so I guess I just want to say that I am so grateful to be a missionary.  I am so grateful to be serving my Savior in this work.  I am so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends and family!!  I know this church is true, with all of my heart.  I am so very grateful for the love that I feel from my Savior.  I am so very grateful for the atonement, I know that the Savior can heal hearts,  I have seen it here, and felt his help in my life.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God to Restore this gospel back to the earth. 
Love you all,

Until next week :)
Hermana Anderson

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In our letter from Shaleah yesterday, she said that She has been made a trainer.  She is getting her first Greenie.   Here is a portion of her letter. 

 when President came and talked to me. He asked if I had met the new sisters (There was 10 Gringas that had just arrived the night before).  I told him that I had.  He then asked me if I knew what my future was.  I told him that I did not.  He then said 'you are going to be training.'  I had a slight heart-attack   I really did not think that I was going to be training... In response I asked him when the Latina Hermanas would be coming in.  He told me that there was not Latina's coming in this transfer.... and that I would be training a Gringa.  And then promptly left the office because he was on his way to the temple.  My slight heart-attack changed into a real heart-attack   We had a meeting with all the trainers the next day... 9 Latinas and me. After that meeting  we received our companions.
Well I am glad to report that the heartattack was not fatal. Here we are in Orotina!  Hermana Starke and I.  She is 21, from California and is AWESOME.  She didn't know Spanish before the MTC and yet speaks so well!!  

I have truely been so humbled to see the Lords hand every single day.  Every night during planning we talk about all the blessings that we saw in the day, and there are always so many!! Even when we got on the bus ride home we started talking to a family and found out that they are less actives, and live super close to the church!! We have found people in the street that have welcomed us into their homes to teach them, and have accepted return appointments.  And so so much more!
We try to speak spanish as much as possible!! And when we cant figure it our we write it down to figure it out later.  There is no option, we have to learn the language.  Before with Hermana Salgado If I didnt pay attention it was okay because she understood.  Now if I dont understand it, no one understands it.  Its been truely a tender mercy to recieve help from the Lord.  
I love you all so much! I hope that all is going well!
Its going to be a great week :)  I just know it.
Hermana Anderson

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Note from her Mother

I have more pictures, but she started sending them in something other that JPG.  As soon as I can learn how to convert her new pictures or get her to start sending them in JPG , I will post more.
This week was a good one.  We were called witches, Prophets, and I was even lined up for Tico boyfriends.  haha I cant remember if I told you about the crazy family that we found... well they were references.  We were teaching them about the restoration and when I was talking about the atonement one of the lady stands up and looks and me and says, I was there!! haha me and my companion just looked and each other not really sure what to do.  It was funny, Everyday is an adventure.  Its been raining daily Lately.  Which is so nice because the weather cools off.  The bad news is that all of the bugs migrate into the houses.  We were at an investigators house and they found a pica caballo.  it pretty much looks like a tarantula.  Although a little bit smaller, just a little bit.  Can you imagine finding one of those in your house!?  Ah.  So gross.  I was the one that ended up killing it too.  

I love the people here.  They are so wonderful and giving.  So, I learned how to say earrings in Spanish recently... Haha I am not kidding, I now have 5 pairs of new earrings   Every time I complement a lady on her earrings  she gives them to me!! Which is not my intention.  It happen again last night, and my companion and I were just laughing..  I really need to stop complementing them on their earrings.  

Well, I have another baptism this weekend, the sister  and daughter of the one last weekend.  I am so happy that we found this family. They are just good people.  We have don't a lot of contacting lately and have found some really good people.  German and Maria Rosa is an elderly couple that we found.  They want to come to church next week, so I am looking forward to that.  I have also grown in my appreciation for the help of the members.  References, and their help is the best way to have effective missionary work.  I gave a talk yesterday in church as well on missionary work.  Really we are all called to be builders in the Lords Kingdom.  And its so important that we do our part, and the foundation starts in the home.... I hope that makes sense!

Love you all,

Have a wonderful week :)

Orotina----First Area

Her first area Orotina --- She does a lot of walking.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25th 

Shaleah enjoys quotes.   This is one she sent us from her last letter.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK...  by C.S. Lewis.

"A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means.  This is obviously a lie.  Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is... you find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk agaist it, not by lying down."

"Because Jesus resisted it perfectly, He understands temptation perfectly; hence He can help us.  The fact that he was dismissive of temptation and give it No heed reveals His marvelous Character which we are to emulate."

Hermana Anderson

Monday, March 11, 2013

March: Part of some of her letters 2013

March 4, 2013     Here are some parts of Shaleah's Letters 

Hello hello!!

Another week has come and gone.  Its been a wonderful one though.  Today for preparation day we all went to the beach.  I am racing the clock for time because we are at one of the bus stops, and are waiting for the next bus and can not miss it... so sorry if its scattered.  

The beach was absolutely gorgeous!! We played soccer, and kick ball, and just relaxed.  I was able to read a little bit as well.  Our search for happiness is such a good book!  Ill try to send some pics.

Well my companion and I are still trying to get to know the area better.  It was such a tender mercy, the other night we were looking for this house, and could not find it.  So we were just asking every other house... and in one street we were able to set appointments with 3 different people! What a tender mercy.  We will go back to visit them this week, I am pretty excited.  The directions here are hilarious... I might have told you about them last week-  but we have this directory and the directions and literally -  25 meters from the corner.-  ... uh,  what corner?   or-  2 houses down from the park...  all we can do is laugh.  

Also while we were looking for the house the other day we were able to find this house with like 3 families living there.  All of which are interested in learning more about the gospel.  Carmen, and then her sister Ida, and their children.  They are wonderful, and I am excited to get to know them better.  

  So the other day my companion and I went to go visit the Branch President.  We barely caught the bus.  I turned to my companion and asked where he lived.  She started laughing and said she knew the city, and that was it.  As I walked down the isle this lady started talking to me.. I could not understand a word.  So as usual I smiled and kept walking.  Come to find out, she was the wife of the branch president.  

Also as my companion tells me, I have become famous.  Every morning we go to the park and I just run around and exercise... We were able to get into a couple houses because They recognized me as the gringo that was running around at the park. Whatever works right?

I am so very grateful for my Savior.  I know that he lives.  I see his hand my in life every day.  As I have been getting to know the people more and their individual needs, my testimony of the fact that we are all Children of God has grown immensely.  And that he loves everyone of us.  

Church is one of my favorite parts of the week.  The people here astound me with the examples of faith.

I love you all!  And hope that all is going well

March 11, 2013

The weeks fly by so incredibly fast here.  Some of the happenings of the week...

Piano.  Who would of thought that I would be teaching piano classes?! Not I.  Well between my broken Spanish  and my companions help with translation we have successfully taught a couple this week.  More children are supposedly coming this week... It will be an adventure, that's for sure.  But a fun one. Also my companion and I met a lady named Vilma.  She is teaching us how to make pinatas and what not.  She really is the nicest lady.  This last time her husband was home, and of coarse we always sneak in the doctrine here and there.  But her husband turned to us and started talking about the different religions, and asked us to teach him about ours.  Of coarse we so graciously accepted.  The Lords certainly does direct our paths, I have a testimony of that.  We still do not know the area very well.  So we are spending the majority of our time here... ´Hupe bueno´ ing.  Here you dont knock on the doors... You yell ´hupe bueno´.  Or hit the metal fences with rocks.  anyways it has been a good way to get to know the area, and have gotten to know some wonderful families and people.  

One of the most spiritual experiences for me this week was when we found a lady named Siada.  She graciously accepted to hear our message.  We sat down, got to know her a little bit, and sang a hymn.  Talked briefly about the Love that the Lord has for us... Then ended with a prayer.  As we sat there is silence, I could feel the spirit ever so strong.  In that moment, the night became one of peace.  I know that the Lord Loves us ever so much.  

We also brought Carmen, and her daughter Brittney- and Ingre, tatianna, keyria, Jesus, Valinta, and Camilla and then Lilianna to church.  It was such a wonderful Sunday to have them there with us.  Haha I was put in charge of the nursery- junior primary after sacrament. .  Oh my heavens, just imagine me with over 10 little ones, 2 of them crying for there moms and me not knowing Spanish very well.  It really was quite funny.  But in the end we some how talked about what we were grateful for and had somewhat of a lesson.  I then realized the importance of having back up lessons at church!!  

Also, Lilliana has a baptismal date!! Which is so exciting.  SHe is a wonderful Lady, with a strong testimony of the Lord.  I am grateful for her example.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Costa Rica ..... Here She Comes!

We received our phone call from Shaleah today.  She was in the Dallas Airport, she had a six hour layover before her flight left for Costa Rica.  We had a wonderful conversation, she is so looking forward to getting to getting there.  She expressed gratitude for all the letters and love she had received from family and friends for the time she was in the MTC.

She had a great experience giving a way her first Book of Mormon.  It was to a Pilot who was waiting for his flight.  She had prayed for guidance, to find someone to give it to and her prayers were answered.... They had a conversation,  then he took the book and said he would read it.  She was thrilled.  I asked her to write it down so I could post it in her own words.  I only wish I could share the emotions from her, that I felt as she shared this story.  Shaleah  sincerely wants to help people come to the Savior.  To share with  them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to help them to know they have a Heavenly Father that loves them.

Now that she has left the MTC ( of which she loved)  the real life of a Missionary, is about to begin.  I know she will love Costa Rica as well and the people there.                                                                                                                        

Our love and prayer go with her.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

First and Second week in the MTC

     In Shaleah's own words,         " I love the structure of the MTC
                                                      I love studying  the Gospel all day
                                                      I love learning the Spanish Language
                                                      I love being a Missionary,
                                   I have never been happier in my life. 

The sisters had a fire alarm go off at 1:00 in the morning, they all had to go sit in the gym for a hour.  They were all very tired the next day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Costa Rica Mission Home Address

Sister Shaleah Jane Anderson
Costa Rica San Jose Mission
De la Pops Curridabat 500 S. Edificio  Trebol, Local #06
Apartado Postal 249-2010
San Jose, Costa Rica

Shaleah's MTC Address

Sister Shaleah Jane Anderson
MTC Mailbox # 150
CRA-SJO 0219
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793