Monday, August 19, 2013

Ohhhhh Noah

Mom-    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!  Well, from Costa Rica at least :).

  I do hope that all is going well, and that you are excited for school to start! Or work (for you Allie!)

Well, its been a good week here in Pococi! I am absolutely loving my area!  At first we spent alot of time walking around in circles... but  we are feeling comfortable with directions and what not!
Here are some highlights for the week!

1- We had a Hermana Conference! It was wonderful! The Specialist Hermanas put it together.  We got to hear from president and his wife.  Had some clases with games, learned some study techniques, watched some wonderful talkes, and did YOGA! Overall it was a success.  It was a spiritually uplifing experience, and so much fun to see all the sisters in the mission!

2.  I had my first Member (and dog) present lesson. Haha There is a dog that follows us EVERYWHERE.  We were in guapelis centro the other day... and it was still following.  You should see the strange looks that we get as we Hupe Bueno (knock on doors) with this dog next to us... Ohhhh Noah. (thats his name)

3.  I know I have mentioned it about 1,000 times... but our ward is AWESOME.  We have implemented a program that is - never go alone.  That to church and every activity they bring a neighbor or friend, or less active.  We will see how it goes!

4.  After a wonderful lesson with a less active the other night we left and were picking some mandarins off of their tree...when to my surprise a HUGE SLOTH came walking by.  I am talking size of a medium dog!!! And i didn't have my camera! It made the night THAT much better! It literally was 5 feet away.  Only in Costa Rica

Just a thought as I have been studying Moses 1:39  Gods priorities are His family, which is all of us.  And His happiness comes from loving his family... then that should tell us where our happiness should come from- and where our priorities should be!
I love you guys so much! 

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Hermana Anderson

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