Monday, July 7, 2014

18 months have come and gone-- last letter

Dearest Familia,
It really is quite odd to think that this will be my last letter to you all.. 18 months sure did fly by.  Not to lie- at the beginning  of my mission, I felt I was going to be here for an eternity.  That it was never going to end... now I can't believe that it will have an end. 
Well, updates and miricles for the week! Shall we?
Jimmy and Adri were baptized this last Saturday!! (yes yes before the big game)  And they have their eyes set on the temple. I think one of the funniest things that Adri said to me when I first got to know her was-  marriage is commonly known as enemies that sleep together haha. The gospel, through strengthening their testimonies has strengthened their relationship so much!  Their goal is the temple, and they want their sons to be missionaries.  Its amazing to see how when we learn the gospel and (here is the key) LIVE the gospel.  We ca see a chain reaction.  We have more clarity.  We literally feel closer to God, hence having more peace in our hearts brings love for God, ourselves, and fellow men.  And this is exactly what has happen in their marriage. 
Paola.  I 16 year old member that has not come to church for over a year... came this sunday and bore her testimony!! It was so powerful! I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to know her.
La negra.... Sandra.  Dun dun dun... she will be getting baptized this thursday!!  She has been searching for the truth since her father passed away.  She said that she even went to the catholic church (a church that growing up she was always told was incorrect)  to find peace.  And that is when we stepped in.
 I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to get to know my Savior more.  I love the gospel, I love being a missionary. 
It truely has been the best 18 months of my life.

I would love to write more, but my time has run out.
I love you all so much!  And... I guess we will be seeing ya :)
Hermana Anderson

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear Family of mine.

Well, once again- I hope that you had a wonderful birthday Seth!  24, right?? que viejo...

What a wonderful week it has been! I was going to send pictures, but I forgot my camera card reader in the house.  This morning we went and played soccer with the zone.  It was really fun, I hadn't played for a while.. but I think we are going to start it up in the ward on Saturdays.
So much has happen this week- where to start? I am loving my area- it really is so beautiful!  And my companion is wonderful.  We pass the week working hard and laughing together.  :)  its a great mix.

Well, I guess one of the best news and blessings that we have seen is that Jimmy and Adriana are PROGRESSING! but wonderfully! When we taught them the restoration... I felt like they were teaching us.  Adriana said something to the affect of-  we knew that we needed to change something to bring more peace in our lives- because we are not attending a church.  Jimmy looked up and said- we weren't attending a church... now we are.   My companion and I couldn't help but just smile! They love the church! They actually shared the experience that their relationship was on the rocks, but since we found them, and they have been coming to church... everything has changed.  That is the blessing of the gospel.

We found another family as well!  Alejandro and Karin.  We had the first lesson with them this last week.  I felt like we were just jumping around in the lesson... we couldn't find their need.  I was praying so hard in my heart that we could find it... when we invited them to church, and talked about the sacrament.  Come to find out (I don't know how well you know the catholic religion... I've  become pretty pro) If you are married in the church and your spouse cheats, or abuses you... it doesn't matter.  You can divorce.... but you CANNOT marry again in the catholic church.  (unless you send a whole long letter to Spain and it takes like 15 years supposedly).  And so you can be married civilly- but that doesn't count.  You are living in sin... and you cannot participate in the sacrament.  Well, Alejandro was married before and his wife was unfaithful- So they were divorced and he married Karin... but they have been -living in sin-.  We were able to teach and testify that families can be eternal! And just all of the blessings that we receive.  Well the next day we see  him.. and he said to us- I have to be honest with you guys (we froze)  My wife and I talked and we are really really interested... and want to be a part of your religion.  And we want are children to be a apart of you church... and one day we want to be sealed as a family!

There aren't words that describe the feeling of hearing someone saying that.  I love being a missionary.  And I love inviting people to come unto Christ.

Love you all!

Hermana Anderson.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Paradise -- they sent her to Paradise for her last area.....

Aye no... what a week!!! Well first thing is first.... Welcome to JUNE! That is pretty crazy.  And because I wont be writing until next monday...

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH!!! I hope that you have a good one!!

It sure has been an adventure this week!  Le contare... our area is huge! And so getting to know it has been pretty eventful.  Sometimes we even have to take like 30 minutes bus rides... but our area is beautiful!!  I sent some pictures :).  Paraiso is in the mountains! It so much fun!  The weather is... perfect!  And it hasnt been raining too much.  So there is only 1 complaint .......

WE HAVE NOT HAD ANY WATER!!  Literally, I tell you.  Or lights.  My companion says its never been like this before... but literally they have been cutting out water off at like 7 in the morning and it doenst come back until like 9 at night... and just a trickle from the lowest facet that we have outside.  I have reflected so much on mom and dads wonderful example this week of food storage, and to all I testify how imporant it is to have food and water storage!!!!!   I believe friday saturday and sunday the water never even came back as a trinkle in the night time.  I had never before realized what it was like to not have access to water.  We had to call the mission home so that they could bring us water... Not to go into details but I never before realized what it would be like living off limited water... And I tell you that it is so important that we can follow the advice of the prophets and have food and water storage!

There was another protest this week... they shut down the streets so that we could have our water back... and it came :).  Although I can still tell you that every bucket is still brim full of water for the doubts.

We also had a wonderful miricle this week!! As a mission we have a goal that everyone can baptize a famliy in June.  Well, I just came to this area and we didnt have a family.  My companion and I talked about the goals that we wanted in the short weeks, and decided that we were going to work hard and pray for a family.... and that is what we ahve been doing.  In a bus stop we were talking to some people... one of which was Adriana... and she invited us to her house........  We showed up... late because she litterally lives at the top of a mountain... but showed up becuase we felt like we needed to find her. After a wonderful lesson her and her husband both accepted a baptismal date!!! And they both came to church this sunday, and LOVED it. (and brought their young chrildren ). Just another experience that God live, loves us and answers our prayers.  

There are so many people in need.  Waiting for this gospel.  Just like Adriana and Jimmy.  She told us that she felt like an emptiness was being filled up and she sat through the church services.  I hope and pray that everyone of you are participating in the missionary work. And through your personal prayers you are asking Heavenly Father how you personally can participate in the Lords missionary Work.

Love you all!

Have a wonderful week!!! With water ;)

Hermana Anderson

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014


What a wonderful week!!  And here we are in March :)  I can´t hardly believe it.  The months fly by!
It truely has been a week of miricles and blessings.  Its been a week that has strengthened my testimony in the power of fasting and prayer, and that God answers our prayers in his own due times. I share with you these moments because I want you to know of the miricles that God has permitted me to see in the mission.  
The week started out with the long trip to Guapelis to do divisions.  I went to  Guapelis and my companion went to Pococi (my old area).  When I called my comp to see where we were going to meet up, she told me- Wait one second, there is someone that wants to talk to you...  She passed the phone to a man named Carlos Salazar.  I met this man about a few days before I was transfered out of my last area.  He was sitting on a bench and I went and sat next to him.  We started talking and he told me that he was an inactive member of the church... for 22 years.  He actually was a member of the Bishopric.  For reasons of being offended and certain things that happen he inactivated and went back to his old lifestyle... drinking, drugs... you name it.  I was extremely forward with him that night.  Very direct in what he needed to change in his life... and then I was transfered out of my area.  
He proceeded to tell me that since that night that I talked to him that he is an active member in the church... a full tith payer.  He told me that in all of his time being inactive he knew that the church was true... and he called me his Savior.  He thanked me tellling me the many blessings that he had recieved for coming back to the church... He leaves with the missionaries everyweek- and gives them references weekly.  
I sat down and cried.  I cannot even explain in words the joy that one can feel knowing that someone has come back.  That they have used their free agency that Heavenly Father gave them to choose to change their life.  To only be an instrument in the hands of God- even though at times it is hard, and feel like you dont even make a dent, is what God needs of us.
Another lesson that I have been learning in my mission is not to get frustrated with those that have callings.  Really they have been called of God, and it is our job to help them fulfill their calling.  We have been a little frustrated with the lack of help that we have recieved from our ward mission leader... so we have changed our attitude and we are learning how to support him.  Its flipped 180.  He left with us on Sunday- and it was a wonderful experience for all.  
Haha... we had a funny experience as well in one of our lessons this week.   Well first off we are teaching a family.  Norman, Gabriela, Norma, Gabriel, and Andres (yes, they got real creative with the names...)  They are wonderful!! I think they are teaching us more that we are teaching them!  We invited them to baptism the first lesson... but the whole family wasnt there . And so they said they wouldnt make a decision without the whole family together because the head of the family (norman) needed to make the decision so that the rest could follow.  So in the second lesson we were teaching the book of mormon.  Norman kept asking us questions like- how do i know if this is real or not?  And before we could even answer him his wife stepped in and said- you need to read it and pray!  The Holy Ghost will let you know.    haha   So at the end of the lesson we challenged them to be baptized... at the end of the question he just sat and looked at us............ then said- I didnt understand the question.......... and then looked at his wife.. hahahaha we all couldnt stop laughing.  It was so  obvious that he wanted her aproval.  haha I dont know if the story is as funny told as when we were there but all of us couldnt stop laughing.  But they accepted the invitation to be baptized... Its going to be tough to give up their coffee... she tried and it gave her nausia and she was throwing up... so pray for them!!!
Also....  Alex.  Do you remember Alex?  the jew adventista.  Well he has been progressing... but at the same time he hasnt.  But this last week in our lesson we asked him if he believed that the book of mormon was true.  He paused.  And shook his head yes.  Then proceeded to show us a few verses from the bible- 
John 20 - 
 30 ¶And many other asigns truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not bwritten in this book:
John 21 -
 25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be awritten every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the bbooks that should be written. Amen.
It is truely a miracle.  And this Sunday he stayed the whole time in church.  Another testimony to me that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. 
Also Morgan.... a 15 year old boy that we have been working with for a while.  Finally got permission from his father to be baptized... and after clearing up a few doubts... finally feels ready!  In our lesson with him he called his cousin to ask him to baptized him- and he just started crying.  It was a tender moment.
And Vilma has started reading as well!! she said that she feels  a surity.  a peace that she cant describe when she is reading the book of mormon as well as other words from living prophets.  She is pretty timid, and so she is a little scared about her baptism- so pray for her! And that she can find a job!
I am truely grateful to my Heavely Father that I have this time to be a missionary.  I love being a part of his work.  I love my area- having the opportunity to serve in Moravia has truely been a blessing.  I love my companion.  I love my family.  And I love this Gospel.  
Hermana Anderson