Monday, June 2, 2014

Paradise -- they sent her to Paradise for her last area.....

Aye no... what a week!!! Well first thing is first.... Welcome to JUNE! That is pretty crazy.  And because I wont be writing until next monday...

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH!!! I hope that you have a good one!!

It sure has been an adventure this week!  Le contare... our area is huge! And so getting to know it has been pretty eventful.  Sometimes we even have to take like 30 minutes bus rides... but our area is beautiful!!  I sent some pictures :).  Paraiso is in the mountains! It so much fun!  The weather is... perfect!  And it hasnt been raining too much.  So there is only 1 complaint .......

WE HAVE NOT HAD ANY WATER!!  Literally, I tell you.  Or lights.  My companion says its never been like this before... but literally they have been cutting out water off at like 7 in the morning and it doenst come back until like 9 at night... and just a trickle from the lowest facet that we have outside.  I have reflected so much on mom and dads wonderful example this week of food storage, and to all I testify how imporant it is to have food and water storage!!!!!   I believe friday saturday and sunday the water never even came back as a trinkle in the night time.  I had never before realized what it was like to not have access to water.  We had to call the mission home so that they could bring us water... Not to go into details but I never before realized what it would be like living off limited water... And I tell you that it is so important that we can follow the advice of the prophets and have food and water storage!

There was another protest this week... they shut down the streets so that we could have our water back... and it came :).  Although I can still tell you that every bucket is still brim full of water for the doubts.

We also had a wonderful miricle this week!! As a mission we have a goal that everyone can baptize a famliy in June.  Well, I just came to this area and we didnt have a family.  My companion and I talked about the goals that we wanted in the short weeks, and decided that we were going to work hard and pray for a family.... and that is what we ahve been doing.  In a bus stop we were talking to some people... one of which was Adriana... and she invited us to her house........  We showed up... late because she litterally lives at the top of a mountain... but showed up becuase we felt like we needed to find her. After a wonderful lesson her and her husband both accepted a baptismal date!!! And they both came to church this sunday, and LOVED it. (and brought their young chrildren ). Just another experience that God live, loves us and answers our prayers.  

There are so many people in need.  Waiting for this gospel.  Just like Adriana and Jimmy.  She told us that she felt like an emptiness was being filled up and she sat through the church services.  I hope and pray that everyone of you are participating in the missionary work. And through your personal prayers you are asking Heavenly Father how you personally can participate in the Lords missionary Work.

Love you all!

Have a wonderful week!!! With water ;)

Hermana Anderson

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