Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello dear family!!

What a week it has been!  Hermana Martinez had changes and I got a new companion!!

La Hermana Ixchajchal.  Yes.  Try to pronounce her name again.  Im still struggling.

She is wonderful!! She has the same time as me in the mission- and is from Guatamala.  We joke that we are the same person just with different skin tones.  Needless to say we get along great.  The days have been filled with constant laughter and running as we have had soo much to do!  

We had a baptims this last week.  For Victor Areas Castillo.  He is amazing, let me introduce him some what.  He doesnt live in our area but is working for a member in our area and so he is coming to our church.  He actually lives about 30 minutes away in car- up in the mountain.  Last Sunday he didnt have enough money to come to church- so what did he do?  He left at 5:30 walking... so that he could get to church by 9.  When I called him on the phone to make sure that he was awake to come, he told me that he was walking.  I couldnt hold back the tears.  What an example for all of us.  He has changed ever so much in these last few weeks and his baptism this saturdaywas wonderful!  

Haha fun fact about Victor is, he lives next to his boss... and his boss has........ over 50 dogs.  If you can just imgaine.  Its on my bucketlist to take a picture.  haha teaching the lessons is always a riot.  

We also had the WONDERFUL opportunity to have Elder Cook come and visit our mission!  It was wonderful to hear from him and to meet him.  As he took the time to shake every one of our hands.  He talked about love, and the love that we need to culutivat to have success in this life.  

We also met a family today!  When we were walking they turned around to talk to us because they felt like they needed too!  We went straight to their house and had a lesson!  It reminded me of a quote that I heard - they day will come when those that are chosen will look for us.

I am so grateful to be a missionary! I love everyday! I love my companion and I love this work!

and i hope that you all have a wonderful week :)
a wonderful reunion with Sister Stark 
Shaleah and her companions baptism last Saturday.   This is Victor 
Hermana Anderson
a few of the people shaleah and her companion are teaching