Monday, August 12, 2013


I hope that all is going well for everyone!  Mid August- I cant believe it..   I hope that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks free before the semester starts!
What a week!! Where to start...? Hmm... I guess we will start with.... 
Wednesday in our district meeting they told the Hermanas (us) that only one of us had changes... but they werent going to tell us who until the night time.  and that we had to find a members house for one of the sisters to wait at while the other one went to San Jose.  We really had no idea who was going to get transfered out- but I felt like it was me (and I was right).  I had more time, and I honestly just felt like my time was done in that area- it was a very sad feeling.  That night was extremely hard for me.  We said goodbye to Ingri and her family, who I love so much and some other inverstigators and members that we had appointments with that day.  I never realized that I could love these people so much, and that it would be so hard to leave them.

Hermana Starke and I recieved the news at about 10 oclock that night.   She was staying, I was getting transfered.  Well at first they told me Pocoku, Limon... but really my area is Pococi II, Guapelus.  (it is in the area of zona atlantica, Limon.  sisters arent in limon because it is dangerous) 
We then spent the night, and I mean the whole night packing.  Poor Hermana Starke- bless her heart! I had 6 months there... it was tricky to pack it all up at 1 in the morning. And the next morning we left.  It was so sad to leave Hermana Starke- So grateful for the time that we had together!!  

So here I am! Pococi II.  I am opening this area, and... I am training. 
My companions name is Hermana Tordecilla.  She is wonderful!  She is 23, from Colombia, doesnt know english, and has an amazingly strong testimony and is ready to work and be obediant.  I am so lucky to have her as a companion.

I have really really enjoyed my time here, and it has been but 4 or 5 days.  For me it has been confirmed (as I learned when I went on divisions with the Specialist Hermanas) that every area is very different.  I have been absolutley astounded at the help of the members here.  We were more than welcomed in the ward- and have already gone out with the members.  They are so willing to help, its amazing.  We are in a ward. and the support of the members is wonderful!
Sautrday I also had a WONDERFUL experience.  I had the opportunity to go to the sealing of Marcos and Raquel.  They were menos activos when I first got to Orotina...  It was a wonderful experience.  It was beautiful.
They are an eternal family now.  I really dont think there is anything greater... And I am so incredibly happy for them. 
Also Zillahs wedding in next week, and Oscars baptism.  I wont be there in Orotina.  but I am so happy for them!

Oh and for my favorite language errors this week- 
When I was talking about my dad.  And instead of saying that he was an appraiser- I said... My dad is a little dog.  We got a good laugh out of that one.  Perrito vs Perito.  Can you blame me?
Hermana Anderson

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