Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another wonderful letter from Hermana Anderson

Hello family of mine!!
I hope all is going well for you!  Its July! I can hardly believe it. 
Well... so we were with some investigators the other day- and I showed them the family picture that I have.  The one that we took right before I came on my mission.  Hahaha, so my investigator looked at it... and then asked where my mom was?  I pointed to mom, and she said- OH, I thought that was the wife of him (pointing to Seth).  I could not stop laughing!! It was soo funny.  And she thought that Daddy was the grandpa.  We all got a good laugh out of it.  And Danny, if I had a dollar for every tica that asks if you are single I would be wealthy.
We also had a wonderful time at church this Sunday.  It was also really cool to see how the Lord answers our prayers.  My comp and I had fasted that this one family could come to church.  Well, in the morning when we passed by they were sick... We passed by for a different investigator and they were sick.  And then we went to get a less active, and she was still in bed.  So we went to church to wait to see if a couple others that we had invited would show up... Well one did.  His name is Mario (40 years old? Maybe less...).  He was actually baptized when he was 8 or so, but doesn't remember anything.  And the only contact that we had was on a bus, and we gave him conference talks, and we had called and invited him to church on Saturday.  Sacrament meeting started and then we had 2 other less actives that we had invited come, Nefi (He used to be a counselor in the presidency) and Zillah (Actually his sister) and Oscar (We have a marriage date for Zillah and Oscar this month! And the Sunday after his baptism)  Overall the spirit was so strong, and it was the best church I have been to thus far in the mission.    It was really a testimony builder that the Lord is hears and answers our prayers. 
I guess a topic that I have really really been thinking about lately is- What does Christ think about me. 
There is a book that is called, ¨You are special¨.  If you haven't read it yet... go read it right now!! Its so so good.  It is about a town of wooden dolls that are carved by a woodworker named Eli.  Each Wimmick is different, some are pretty- others ugly, some with big eyes and others with big noses.  Some have talents, and others don't.
Each Wimmick has a box of stickers.  Golden Stars and grey dots.  The wooden people went around the village sticking stars or dots on one another.  The pretty or talented ones got stars, and the wimmicks with rough wood or chipped paint got dots. 
Its a story about one of these dolls named Punchinello.  He he always tried his best to do something to get a star... but would always receive dots.  He ended up staying inside, or only associating with those that had dots.  He felt better around them.
One day he met a wimmick named Lucia, and she didn't have any stars or dots.  When he asked her how she didn't have any, she told him to go see the wood worker Eli.
At first he was hesitant... and thought Eli wouldn't want to see him.  But eventually he went. 
When he entered into the Workshop he was surprised that Eli knew his name.  Eli responded with- of coarse I know your name, i made you. 
Punchillo apologized for all of the grey dots that he had... Eli responded Ï don't care what the other wimmicks think, and neither should you.  All that matters is what I think, and I think that you are pretty special.
He then explained that the stickers only stick to you if you let them. He said ¨The more that you trust my love, the less you care about their stickers.¨ Punchillo was a little confused.  Eli told him that it would take time, but he would understand eventually.  And then asked him to come and see him every day to let you remind you how much I care. 
As Punchillo was leaving Eli said- Remember, you are special because I made you. And I don't make mistakes. 
Punchillo kept walking, but in his heart he thought- I think he really means it.

And when he did, a dot fell to the ground. 

I hope that I summarized that story sufficiently.  It really is so beautiful. 

The ultimate source of empowerment and acceptance is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  They know us, they love us.  they know our hearts, our intentions.  If we look to them, we can find more confidence.  Having their acceptance can help us face everything that we have in life.  As we feel His love, our faith will increase, our actions will change, and we will truly find Joy in the Journey.
I'm so very grateful for the knowledge that I am a daughter of God. I can testify that we are all children of our Heavenly Father, and he is there to help us in every moment of need.  Just as Punchillo, we just need to go to Him!
I love you all so much!  Its going to be a wonderful week. 
Hermana Anderson

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