Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th 2013

Another week has come and gone! I hope that it was a wonderful one for everyone :).  Thanks for sending me the pictures Dan!I I have always wanted to go to color me mine!  Your guys's stuff looked pretty neat.  And thanks dad for sending me part of your lesson! I really enjoyed reading it, and even printed it out :) 
Well here is some fun facts of the week-
1.  So we worked with Ingri and her family, and Alexandra and her kids a

lot this last week... and Sunday they all came to church!! It was wonderful! And even more than that the kids had such a fun time in primary.  (Which is a miracle because the other times they really didn't like it)  The Lord works in mysterious ways :)
2.  One of my favorite moments last week... we needed to take a bus to San Matteo, and so we strategically planned our visits so that we could end a lesson and then wait for the bus on the side of the road... we got there a little bit early- and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited... and the bus never came.  About 30 minutes later I turned my back to talk to her, as we were making different plans for the day knowing we had somehow missed the bus... and all of the sudden there was just a huge burst of wind.  Yup.  BYE BUSSSS!! We dropped to the ground laughing.
3. Kinda a fun tradition, when you have a birthday here they crack an egg on your head.  When it was my birthday they were kind enough to drain the yoke... We did it to Tati this last week, it was really funny.,... maybe a tradition that Ill bring home.  Other than that would be frightening to have Seth run after me with an egg to hit on my head.. so maybe not ;)
4.  We had a movie night and so many of the members came.  We were all squished in a house, and it was wonderful as we watched the testament! Such a good movie to show the relationship the people of the book of Mormon had with the Savior.  After we played some games together, and over all had a great time.  I really do believe that it is unifying the Rama... which is the GOAL!!! One of the games if you messed up you had to go into the middle and do... just something... I busted out the clogging.  It was pretty great. No one saw that coming.  (HIllary, Riss and Teri-  You would have been proud.  Not quite as spectacular as when I didn't it int he apartment kitchen...)
5.  This week we have also had the opportunity to give some of our investigators blessings.  Which was a really neat experience.  I am so grateful for the priesthood power!
6. Lesson learned- the importance of listening to the spirit.  We had a meeting with a less active... she hasn't been coming to church for a while, but has a strong testimony.  We had a lesson planned for her, but as we talked to her, underlining questions of the plan of salvation came up. Quickly changing our plans we talked about the plan of Salvation, and the plan after this life.. She had forgotten so much!  Something that I had just assumed that she knew... The spirit was so strong.  Just testifying of the truth that she already knew.   I really saw and learned the importance of keeping our studies up, always learning something knew.  Our testimony isn't just going to stay in one place.  It is either going up or going down, maybe we all work our hardest to make sure that day by day it is increasing :)

LOVE YOU ALL  so much :)

I hope that you have a wonderful week
Hermana Anderson

ps.  I sent pictures, so you can see the pday at the beach :)

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