Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th, 2014

CONGRATS Chelsea and Danny! I thought that it was going to be a baby GIRL!!  Yay :)  

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week :)  the time sure does fly.

THANK YOU Grammy Gram for my letter :)  Its always so fun to receive pictures and letters :)

This week flew by! For part of the week I was in Coronado in divisions... it was really fun and really pretty and such a blessing to go there.  Its up by the mountain, and the members are such wonderful examples.   They also gave us 7 references in my area- which is wonderful news :)

Alex is progressing... we are still trying to help him understand the Sabbath day and the reason it is Sunday---  and Vilma now has her 3 times in church! And we ate dinner at the stake presidents house on Sunday :)

The progress of investigators has been very nice in this place I learned to be patient with them, to develop love and charity much more than elsewhere ...!! I love Moravia and my companion is seriously wonderful'm very blessed we are always happy having fun and seeing the positive things ..!!
This week I read in the Ensign an amazing speech by Elder Richard G. Scott ..! How to live a life of peace, joy and purpose ..! and I want to start by quoting a scripture that is not part of the speech but has a lot to see 3 Nephi 12:48 "Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect" this time Jesus is telling us that we can be perfect to achieve that in our life on earth we must strive to the fullest by following the example of Jesus Christ and do what we know he did ..! I loved this because we mentioned we can find happiness in our lives developing the attributes of Jesus Christ.  This impacted me and helped me a lot because I realized that I still have much to improve. Here are other parts that impressed me..!

God has given you the ability to exercise faith to find peace, joy and purpose in life. However, to use his power, that faith must be rooted in something safe, and there is no better foundation than faith in the love Heavenly Father has for you, faith in His plan of happiness, and faith in the provision and in the power of Jesus Christ to fulfill all His promises.
 God uses your faith to mold your character, which is patiently woven with threads of doctrine, principles and obedience. Character is the manifestation of what you are becoming, and that God will be the criteria used to determine how well you used your mortal life. A strong moral character is the result of constant right decisions at the difficulties and trials of life, those decisions are made relying on what is believed and when acted accordingly, confirmation will be received is true

well then there is a principle that I loved and I want to highlight is the importance of making decisions ..!

There are two ways to make decisions in life (1) decisions based on the circumstances, and (2) decisions based on eternal truth. Satan encourages  that we choose according to the circumstances: What do others do? What is acceptable in social or political spheres? What provide the fastest and most satisfactory result? This model gives greater opportunity Lucifer to tempt the person to make decisions that are harmful and destructive, even when taking them look better.
In this there is a set of values or standards to guide decisions, each taken as what appears to be the most attractive option at the moment. Who choose to follow that path can not expect help from the Lord, but is exposed to their own strength and that of those who want to help. Unfortunately, most of the children of God make decisions that way, that is the reason why the world is as it is.
The pattern of the Lord is for His children to make decisions based on eternal truth. This requires that your life keeps you focused on the commandments of God, thus decisions are made according to truths and with the help of prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In addition to your own strength and ability, you will enjoy divine inspiration and power when you need it, your actions will be predictable and bless all who you influence. And have a meaningful life of purpose, peace and happiness.
There is no guarantee that life will be easy for anyone. We progress quickly and learn to face and overcome obstacles. We are here to show our ability to progress and overcome challenges. There will be continuing difficulties that will force us to think, to discern properly and act righteously, thanks to them you will progress. However, there are some problems that why you do not have to face, are those associated with serious consequences. As long as we avoid this kind of tragedy, our lives will be simpler and happier. we will see other people around you who do not take that decision and do improper things and bad that carry them though. Thank your Heavenly Father that your lifestyle is different and you have received help in making decisions with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That inspiration will keep you on the right track.
The Gospel teaches us to make decisions based on eternal truth. I pray that we never allow ourselves to make an exceptions to this rule of life just to achieve a passing attractive or to participate in an experience that you know is unworthy advantage. I have seen many people and young couples spoil his life by resorting to the wrong sources for how to live. Deviate from the true to be tempted to compromise just a little in order to gain influence, position or accepted principles, and justify these deviations later arguing that this will be achieved with a greater good. Eventually, this way of life will take you where undoubtedly not want to be.
Actually this talk impacted me and helped me realize even more the importance of using wisely the will that God gave me the importance of making decisions that have eternal consequences.
Love you all so much!

Hermana Anderson
she  could hardly believe that she found these in Costa Rica 

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