Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update on Investigators

Hey hey!!!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week!! Thanks so much for all of the emails :)  I loved the engagement pics seth and Teane!! They are really pretty!  And Chels and Dan- I am excited to know what you guys are having!!  Nate... I hope the tooth gets better.  

Well... what happen this week?? haha i dont know if I even remember.  It was a completely exhausting week.  We have soo many investigators, and so many that have baptismal dates... but they all live so far away from each other that we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off.   

Here are some new ones.

We are teaching Alex.  He is a mix between adventista and a Jew.  He found a book of mormon in his work a while ago.... yes he works in recylcing... and has always wondered what it was.  We were able to teach him the book of mormon- and suprisingly he agreed, and told us that it makes sense.  Our one road block with him is that he believes that the sabbeth day is... Saturday............... You can imagine our suprise when he showed up this Sunday :)

Vilma.  A Sweet sweet lady.  We went and taught her one time about the Sabbeth day... and to my amazement... she walked to church this sunday!!! About an hour walk because she doesnt have money!!  I am always just stunned by the examples that I see here day to day!

Raquel.  Our 15 year old cutie! She is being such an example for her family... and i know will be key to her dad accepting the gospel and quiting some habbits aka drinking... that he has.  

Kevin and Danielle.  Keving 21... danielle 15.  Lets just say we are planning their marriage for march.  We are waiting to get permission from her mother... pray with us!! 

Morgan.  15 years old and comes to the church on his own.  Unfortunely he didnt pass his examine and so we have to push his baptismal date back because his date wont give permission until he passes his test.

Maria!!! We are waiting for her divorcement... and will be planning her wedding shortly.

marlon! He will be getting baptized in March... No complications with him.  He has already got ride of drinking coffee and we just laugh at all of his expieriences of saying no everytime we go.

Pablo... went from 10 cigarettes a day to 2!!  

Pablito has read all of 1st Nefi! We are just waiting, and praying that he can change his job to come to church!

We also found a family! pray for Sandra and her husband! We can already tell that accepting the book of mormon is going to take alot of faith on their part

there are some updates on a few of our investigators- please pray for them!

Well i hope that you enjoy all the photos that i sent! And I hope that you have a good week.

hermana Anderson

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